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Energy Fraud!

The perpetrators belong in jail – not in Congress

We’re being set up for an elaborate sting that will leave families, businesses and entire industries struggling to survive.

In the months since my book, Energy Keepers – Energy Killers: The new civil rights battle, was published, millions of Americans have become aware that we have vast untapped energy resources in this country. Three-fourths of US voters now support expanded onshore and offshore drilling. A bipartisan coalition in Congress wants to increase domestic petroleum, coal and nuclear power, while also fostering conservation and wind, solar and other energy opportunities.

They have been blocked at every turn by liberal Democrats, many of whom are working with radical environmentalists to eliminate proven hydrocarbon and nuclear technologies that provide 93% of our energy, and replace them with systems that currently generate less than 1% of the energy that safeguards our jobs, homes, security and prosperity.

However, political realities and voter outrage over soaring gasoline, food and heating costs forced House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid to devise an elaborate hoax. It had the trappings of a pro-energy bill – but was as authentic as the betting house and announcer in The Sting.


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Liberal politicians and environmental activists continue to say we must transform our economy to “green” energy. Our future is in wind and solar, they insist. Oil, gas, coal and nuclear must go.

Informed citizens vigorously disagree. They support conservation and alternative energy. But they know fossil and nuclear fuels created health and living standards unprecedented in history.

Over two-thirds of American voters support increased onshore and offshore drilling. They know world energy demand is surging, while US production continues to fall. They realize anti-drilling policies don’t just cause unemployment and cost us billions in lost lease bonus, royalty and tax revenues.

Those policies also wage an immoral war on poor families. They destroy jobs, erode civil rights gains, and force minority and elderly households to choose between food, fuel and medicine.


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Ralph Conner

By Ralph W. Conner

During the last week in August and the first week in September, demonstrators converged on the Democratic and Republican national conventions to turn up the “street heat” on candidates and congressional policymakers who support energy policies that “punish the poor.”

The Alliance To Stop The War On The Poor conducted press conferences and participated in direct -action activities reminiscent of the glory days of the 20th century civil rights movement. Alliance Co-Chairs Bishop Harry Jackson of the High Impact Leadership Council and Niger Innis, national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality, joined with citizen activists, think tanks and affordable energy consumer advocates on August 26, to host a press conference at the Hyatt Hotel, which served as ground central for the Democratic convention.

Starting in July at the Capitol in Washington DC, the Alliance continued to organize protest events and press conferences at the Republican convention on September 2. The objective was to share the message articulated by CORE Chairman Roy Innis in his recent book Energy Keepers/Energy Killers. The new civil rights movement is all about economic rights and access to affordable energy.

“It’s time that a few busloads of Black, Latino and blue-collar protesters from the inner-cities and other places show up at the Energy-Killing radical environmentalists’ gated neighborhoods and demand that they stop violating people’s energy and economic civil rights,” said Innis in his book. The Alliance To Stop The War On The Poor is growing by enlisting congregations to join and support civil rights activities, raising the awareness of energy poverty among all leaders of both major political parties. To join the alliance, visit their website: www.StopWarOnPoor.org/

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